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Kinross Wolaroi School

59-67 Bathurst Road
Orange, NSW 2800
Tel: 02 6392 0300
Fax: 02 6392 0410

Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Combined
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Uniting Church
Boarding: Yes
Scholarships: Yes

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Welcome to Kinross Wolaroi School

Kinross Wolaroi School is a Uniting Church school situated on 40 hectares (100 acres) of beautifully landscaped grounds in the city of Orange, in Central West NSW.

We provide a high quality, co-educational learning environment from Pre-Prep to Year 12, with separate boarding sites for boys and girls from Year 7. We believe the core of a successful and meaningful boarding environment is a cohesive community.

Community is at the heart of Kinross Wolaroi School and in this environment people come first and are respected and valued. Our students are socially responsible, spiritually aware and fully engaged in life, and we invite you to see this in action by visiting us in school hours.

Academic Life

At Kinross Wolaroi School we provide high quality co-educational opportunities from Pre-school to Year 12 for young people from diverse backgrounds. This enables them to become well-rounded students who make a positive contribution to society. We are a non-selective school catering for students of all abilities.

We are committed to delivering a dynamic teaching and learning environment, through dedicated staff and diverse Co-curricular programs. This encourages students to be socially responsible, spiritually aware and fully engaged in life.

With all the opportunities and programs provided at Kinross Wolaroi School, the academic achievement of students is our greatest priority.

We are totally committed to providing your child with a high quality academic learning environment. Your child will have every opportunity to maximise his or her potential in all aspects of academic life.

At Kinross Wolaroi School we have a well-developed curriculum across all year levels and subject areas. This is continually being improved to ensure all students are fully engaged in their learning. We offer extensive support to students with a highly motivated and committed team of enthusiastic, professional teachers.

Our overall focus is to ensure your child will achieve the best academic results within a nurturing environment that values the holistic development of each student. This is designed to foster positive self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, integrity, character and resilience.

Life Beyond the Classroom

At Kinross Wolaroi School our Co-curricular activities are the cornerstone of the School’s philosophy.

Our outstanding facilities and grounds provide a wonderful playground for the extensive array of Co-curricular activities available to all students, from Kindergarten right through to Year 12.

The School’s experience over many years has shown that an engaging Co-curricular program complements the success of students in their academic pursuits.

The extensive out-of-classroom curriculum complements the formal curriculum and provides additional opportunities for character development, decision making, problem solving and leadership.

Depending on a student’s age, Co-curricular activities include:

• Many different sports
• The Cadet Unit
• Music and Performing Arts
• A wide range of additional activities.

The School's Co-curricular activities also enjoy the support from an active parent community. Groups such as the Friends of Music, Cricket Club, Rowing Club, Football Club and Rugby Club provide valuable assistance in all aspects of School life.

Boarding at Kinross Wolaroi School

Our boarding staff are passionate and committed to the holistic development of young people and act in loco parentis to nurture their talents and interests.

The students also have the support of the wider teaching staff. The Boarding House environment fosters pride, loyalty and kindness. Students' academic, co-curricular, moral and spiritual development, together with their physical well-being, is achieved within this setting.

The senior students of the School, our Year 11 and 12 boarders are expected to model appropriate behaviour and assist with the day-to-day running of each House, acting as leaders. Families perform an important role within this community; the staff value their co-operation and involvement.

Boarding at Kinross Wolaroi School is fun, comfortable and busy. We offer modern and family-friendly boarding for almost 350 boys and girls.

Kinross Wolaroi School has a long history of Boarding School education, dating back over 125 years. Our boarders come from the country, city and overseas and this diversity broadens their understanding and view of the world, while allowing students to form friendships that last a lifetime.

Preparatory School

At Kinross Wolaroi Preparatory School we aim to develop the whole child. This starts in Pre-Prep with a focus on play complemented by some formal learning, through to Year 6, where the students have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in preparation for Senior School.

The Preparatory School curriculum is reviewed regularly and staff members are constantly upgrading their skills and strategies to maintain a school focused towards learning in the 21st Century. Our staff members are devoted to providing quality, enriched learning to achieve the very best for your child's education.

Participation in sport is compulsory from Year 3 and actively encouraged in the younger years. We strongly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and our students certainly lead active and healthy lifestyles through their involvement in sport.

Music is an integral part of our week at Kinross Wolaroi School. All children take part in the choirs while our Strings Group and Ensembles continue to grow in numbers and musical strength. Their performance work continues to receive high praise. Involvement in drama and musicals is compulsory for all children. Students learn to perform on stage and gain great confidence from their involvement in the performances.

The Preparatory School aims to enrich our students by being proactive across all areas of schooling.


Our Pre-Prep is a vibrant and exciting place to begin schooling at Kinross Wolaroi School and provides a smooth progression to our Kindergarten classes.

Lead by our dedicated, caring, enthusiastic and long-standing teaching staff, the aim of our Pre-Prep is to provide a learning environment which encourages each child to:

• Take an active role in the classroom
• Use all of one’s senses to explore and learn
• Use self-expression and effective communication through language, dramatic play and the arts
• Develop confidence and positive attitudes towards oneself and others.

Pre-Prep students have the opportunity to attend the KWS Library, Kindergarten classrooms and interact with Prep School students, assisting their transition to Kindergarten the following year.



School Tours and Admissions

Kinross Wolaroi School believes that prospective families should experience our school as it really is every day of the school year and get a first-hand look at our facilities, students in class and the campus in action.
The tours at the School are conducted by the Admissions Team. Staff are well placed to provide families with a good insight into the school and to answer detailed questions.
For further information contact
or visit:
Kinross Wolaroi School | Enrolments and Admissions