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Loreto College - Marryatville

316 Portrush Road
Marryatville, SA 5068
Tel: 08 8334 4200
Fax: 08 8364 3153

Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Combined
Gender: Girls
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Boarding: Yes
Early Learning: Yes
International Students: Yes
Scholarships: Yes

Welcome to Loreto College, Marryatville

A leading independent girls’ school based in Marryatville in Adelaide, Loreto College stands on the shoulders of the 400-year global tradition of the Loreto nuns to inspire and empower women through education.
Loreto College offers a girls and boys education in Early Learning (6 weeks – 5 years), and an all-girls education from Primary School (Reception – Year 6) through to Senior School (Years 7-12).
Located in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs, Loreto College is only five minutes from Adelaide’s city centre and is well patronised by public transport. Loreto College also offers four dedicated bus routes connecting students from north, east, south and west of Adelaide with our modern, spacious fleet of coaches offering a safe and flexible means of transport to our students.

Our focus is on providing a well-rounded education that enables our students to excel across all areas of their learning. Our curriculum encourages our students to look beyond their immediate environment and seek out new ideas and deeper investigation through creative and critical thinking.
Loreto College prides itself on a proven record of academic achievement, offering a broad range of subject choices and extra-curricular programs that cater for the diverse abilities and interests of our girls.

We are proud to offer a world-class educational experience tailored to how girls learn best, while providing opportunities for your daughter to flourish and grow into a confident and successful young woman.

World-class all-girls education

At Loreto College, we know and acknowledge that all-girls’ education is a specialised field. As such, our classes and curriculum are tailored to the way girls learn best.

Our girls at Loreto College are free to pursue academic success and each achievement is celebrated. However, there is more to learning than academic studies alone. All activities are open to girls providing opportunities to participate, influence and lead - there is no gender stereotyping.

Our students consistently achieve strong academic results in an environment that balances academic rigour with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including, camps and retreats, competitions, international trips, music, performing arts and sport.

With a focus on student voice and independence, we recognise the need to equip our girls with skills for their post-school life. We concentrate on building leadership and confidence, a strong work ethic and the ability to take risks in safe environments.

Importantly, our Social Justice program involves students in a range of activities to benefit the lives of others. The girls are active in social justice initiatives at the College including Pink Day, Mission Day as well as fundraising and volunteering efforts for our Vietnam, Cambodia and India pilgrimages for Mary Ward International Australia.

Students are supported in their learning, through enrichment and extension pathways to ensure all students reach their full potential. Loreto College offers an extensive subject choice and access to external courses at associated training institutions. This flexibility enables students to craft their final years of schooling with the support of guidance advisers.

Our Year 12 students consistently accomplish exceptional results including a high number of girls who achieve SACE Merits (perfect 20s) across a broad range of subjects. Likewise, in the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), Year 12 students achieve exceptional results with approximately fifty percent of girls performing in the top ten percent of the State.

In addition to a high quality all-girls’ education, our outstanding resources and facilities ensure we can provide your daughter with opportunities to succeed and excel during her time at Loreto College; after all, we believe that our success is the woman she becomes.

Boarding at Loreto

Loreto College is the only all-girls’ Catholic boarding school in Adelaide.

Boarding School life provides the opportunity for girls to establish life-long friendships and enables each student to develop the qualities of confidence and leadership. Boarding cultivates initiative and self-reliance in students so that they act both independently and responsibly.
The College is located in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs. It is well serviced by public transport and is only five minutes from Adelaide’s CBD and 30 minutes from Adelaide’s Domestic and International Airport.

With approximately 60 girls from Adelaide, country South Australia, interstate and overseas, our staff are focused on creating a community of care for young women from Years 7 to 12 as either full-time or weekly Boarders.

We recognise that the transition from home into Boarding is a big step for students and parents alike. Our Boarding staff are empathetic to the needs of girls and young women and our senior boarding students, led by our student Boarding leaders, ensure that younger and new students feel a sense of belonging to the Boarding community.

All new Boarders are also supported in their transition from home through our ‘Little Sister’ program, whereby an older student mentors a new student. In addition, the College’s Clinical Psychologist conducts homesickness programs for all girls as well as providing support for parents.

To further support boarding students we provide:
• Individual rooms for all girls.
• Academic support, including supervised study sessions by teachers and tutors.
• Access to gym and cardio facilities.
• Health and wellbeing programs including an on-site Clinical Psychologist.
• Head Chef who provides nutritious meals and caters for any specific dietary needs.
• An on-site Health Care Centre staffed by a Registered Nurse.
• A school environment that is conducive to high academic achievement through structured support.

Each space in the Boarding House was purpose-built to facilitate communal living while respecting each girl’s privacy.

Living within the College on our extensive heritage grounds means that Boarders have access to all School facilities including the library, health and fitness facilities (gymnasium, weights rooms, netball and tennis courts) and music centre. Many girls also choose to be part of the College’s extensive extra-curricular and sports programs.

Support, Enrichment and Wellbeing

Pastoral and Academic Care
Our specially designed Pastoral Care program provides an integrated approach between students, families and teachers – creating a supportive and caring school environment. The program is delivered through timetabled lessons and is directed to the relevant developmental needs of girls and young women.

Our personalised approach encourages every girl to celebrate her individual gifts and develop her potential.

This is further fostered through the House System which groups girls from Reception to Year 12 in four Houses, and the Buddy Program which links students across the years and supports new students.

Enrichment and Supporting Student Learning
The Homework Centre provides supervised study and teacher support until 6pm each weeknight for Senior Students.

Our Maths Help and Science Help programs provide additional support for students whilst our peer tutoring programs provide a leadership and learning opportunity for the girls.

Students with specific learning needs are supported by staff through St Clare’s, our Learning Support Centre.

To prepare students for tertiary and career pathways, our specialist Careers and Vocational Education and Training (VET) staff provide support and networking opportunities for all students.

Enrichment is offered inside and outside the classroom through a range of learning opportunities including clubs in STEM and Coding

Social Justice and International Experiences
We pride ourselves on our students’ engagement in Social Justice initiatives from Reception to Year 12 through their fundraising and awareness-raising activities and participation in outreach programs and pilgrimages to Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Many of our activities support Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA), which is the Australian and International development organisation of the Loreto Sisters. MWIA strives to make a difference in education, community development, human rights, social justice and the empowerment of woman and children. Most recently, Loreto College Marryatville has supported the building of Loreto Gari-uai Pre-Primary School in Timor-Leste.

In broadening and developing students’ cultural understanding and language acquisition, students in Years 9 to 11 also participate in our Language Immersion Programs to Italy, France and China.

Sport at Loreto

Loreto College has a record of outstanding sporting accomplishments in a wide range of co-curricular endeavours. Our dynamic sporting programs empower our students to cultivate a spirit of teamwork and healthy competition. The focus is on participation, friendship and active involvement. Participating in sport develops valuable skills such as commitment, communication and problem solving as well as helping to build organisation and time management skills. In addition, it provides the opportunity to learn the importance of patience, perseverance, hard work and resilience.

In addition to sporting pursuits available, the College participates in Interschool Carnivals in Athletics and Swimming, Aerobics, Cross Country and Touch Football competitions, as well as state-wide Knockout Sports Competitions and National Rowing Championships.

Sports on offer in the Junior School include Aerobics, AFL, Basketball, Come & Try Rowing, Cross Country, Hockey/Minkey, Indoor Volleyball, Netball, Soccer, Softball/Tee Ball, Tennis and Touch Football.

Sports on offer in the Senior School include AFL, Badminton, Basketball, Equestrian, Hockey, Indoor Volleyball, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football and Water Polo.

Music at Loreto

At Loreto College, we understand the importance of music education in children's development of creative and analytical skills. The Music Program at Loreto offers a diverse and engaging experience in music performance and music studies for all children from Early Learning through to Year 12, including Elective Music in Years 9 & 10 and SACE Stage 1 and 2. Our purpose-built facilities include a professional theatre and Music Studio.

Exciting events include our annual Performing Arts Festival and biannual Caberet. The Musical Theatre program thrives at the College and includes a rotation of ELC to Year 3, Year 4 to 6 and Senior School musicals. Other opportunities for music performance include the Generations in Jazz and the Catholic Schools Music Festivals. In addition to this, students can showcase their musical talents at our College concerts, assemblies and other events and functions.

Individual private tuition in voice and instrumental studies is offered on campus by professional Music Tutors for Reception to Year 12 students.

Ensemble Groups available in the Junior School include Training Choir (R-Year 3), Junior Choir (Years 4-6), Junior Concert Band, Stringettes and Guitar Ensemble.

In the Senior School, students can be a part of the Senior Choir (Years 7-12), Senior Concert Vocal Ensemble (by audition), Senior Concert Band, Chamber String Ensemble and String Stars.



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At Loreto College application for enrolment is made by submitting a completed application form, one for each applicant, together with the requested documents and application fee, to the Enrolments Manager. Receipt of each application form is acknowledged by letter. Additional application forms are available from the Enrolments Manager upon request.
All applicants are placed on waiting lists in date-of-application order. Placement on a waiting list does not guarantee acceptance, which is finalised after interviews are held. Priority is given to students who are baptised Catholics. Siblings are given special consideration.
New students are accepted at all year levels where vacancies exist. The main intake years are  Reception,Years 6 and 8 with smaller intakes at Years 3, 10 and 11.