Cleveland District State High School






Cleveland District State High School

Russell Street
Cleveland, QLD 4163
Tel: 07 3824 9222

Key Details
Type: Government
Level: Secondary
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
International Students: Yes
Agricultural School: Yes
Performing Arts Academy: Yes
Sporting Academy: Yes

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Preparing Students to Meet the Future

Cleveland District State High School is an established school with a caring staff devoted to the creation of a safe, supportive environment where all students are valued, individual differences are respected and international students are welcomed. We aim to build positive, meaningful relationships within our school and the wider community.

Our school is committed to the development of lifelong learners who have the confidence and abilities necessary to face the challenges of our rapidly changing society.

Cleveland District State High School prepares students to meet the future by promoting the all-round development of each student through the equitable provision of a wide range of academic, vocational, cultural, sporting and citizenship opportunities.

Accredited International School

The Council of International Schools is the premier organisation in International Education for the accreditation of schools and Best Practice development. CIS is a not-for-profit organisation of a truly worldwide international educational community comprising over 600 member schools and 450 colleges/universities. It has experience of K–12 education in more than 100 countries and many of the Council's Officers and Consultants are former heads of international schools. The central purpose of CIS is to enable member organisations to achieve and deliver the highest standards in International Education and continually improve the outcome of student learning.

International Accreditation is available to independent and state schools in Australia through the Council of International Schools.

In 2005, Cleveland District state High School was invited to enter the process of international accreditation by Education Queensland. The process involved a preliminary visit in May 2006, when official candidacy was granted by the Council of International Schools. Subsequent to this visit, the school community embarked on a rigorous process of review, culminating in an Accreditation Team Visit in October 2006. International Accreditation was awarded in November 2006.

Achieving International Accreditation is a great achievement by the Cleveland District State High School community. More importantly, we are demonstrating our commitment to continuous school improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

Leader in Middle School

Cleveland District State High School is a recognised leader in Middle Schooling and has strong ties with Primary Schools in the District. The emphasis in the Middle School is on student engagement, the building of strong relationships and laying the foundations for life-long learning.

The aim of Cleveland District State High School is for students to feel safe, welcome and successful in their new high school environment.The smooth transition from primary to secondary school is seen as a priority.

Award Winning Creative Arts Precinct

Cleveland District State High School offers a full range of Performing Arts subjects including Music, Music in Practice, Music Extension, Speech and Drama, Drama, Theatre-in Action, Film and Television and Dance.

Bayside Sports Academy

The Bayside Sports Academy operates as a youth development academy that provides opportunities for adolescents to develop sport career pathways to international standards. Sports focused on as part of the Bayside Sports Academy include Football, Touch and Volleyball. Additionally the Bayside Sports Academy provides an Athlete Support Program for elite athletes to help manage their sporting and academic pursuits.

The aims of the Academy include:
• Raising the standards of players, referees, coaches, managers and ancillary sports practitioners to an international level.
• Providing equal opportunities for both boys and girls.
• Improving the quality of sport development, training and education provided for our youth.
• Increasing the level of interest, participation and development of our youth both on and off the field.
• Producing young male and female players of the standard required to compete at an elite or professional level either within Australia or overseas.
• Through sport, develop young people into responsible, healthy and active members of society.

Members of the Bayside Sports Academy receive feedback and certification from a variety of governing bodies including Local, State, National or overseas including the England Football Association.

Members are also given the opportunity to pursue a number of sport career pathways by touring nationally and internationally with the potential to be identified by elite and professional organisations and teams.