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Helena College

Bilgoman Road
Glen Forrest, WA 6071
Tel: 08 9298 9100
Fax: 08 9298 8616

Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Combined
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

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Aims of Helena College

The guiding philosophy of the College is of ‘whole person development’, while encouraging the pursuit of excellence. The College’s educational programs are designed to develop latent talents and skills so that each student can perform to her/his capacity. The College seeks to develop students who are:
* Caring, community-minded individuals
* Prepared academically and psychologically for the next step in their vocation
* Ready to accept challenges and with a positive attitude to learning
* Self-disciplined and responsible for their own learning
* Strong in self-esteem
* Independent thinkers and articulate speakers
* Equipped to approach ethical issues using Christian values
* Self-motivated (not just motivated by competition or reward)

Whilst scholastic achievement remains central to the College’s objectives, students’ cultural, social, moral and physical development are regarded as important and seen as fundamental in all learning experiences.

Junior School Campus

The Junior School campus is a small, single stream community school located on Rycroft Road in Darlington and set in tranquil, wooded surroundings overlooking hills, valleys and, in the distance, the city of Perth. The College community is proud of the campus which is in harmony with the surrounding bushland.

The Junior School has a number of specialist facilities for pottery, Indonesian, performing arts, food technology and computing as well as a library and Helena House Hall which is used for assemblies and events. The campus grounds include many areas for nature adventure play and sporting facilities.

Senior School

The Senior School campus is located on an 8.3 hectare site on Bilgoman Road in Glen Forrest. The campus was established in 1988 and is very much in harmony with the surrounding bushland, the flora and fauna.

Sporting facilities include a sporting and recreation complex.
The performing arts centre provides a cultural venue for the College and the surrounding hills community.
A purpose-built media centre provides the opportunity for students to develop practical skills in radio, television, film and video production.
The library is a student hub for on-line learning, research, reading and recreation. The Senior School is an Authorised World School for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) for Years 7-10 students.

The Camps Programme

The Helena College camps programme provides an extensive range of experiences – from visits and sleepovers for Junior Primary classes through to major expeditions and adventure challenge camps at the Senior School.

See College website for a detailed overview of the camps programme.

The 1-to-1 Laptop Programme

The Senior School has offered a 1-to-1 laptop programme since 2006. With every student from Years 7-12 having an Apple laptop, students are able to take advantage of the many high-quality interactive learning resources which are now available.

Tours of the College

We welcome you to visit the College and see the school in action before registering your son or daughter.
Tours of the Junior and Senior Schools are conducted twice each term. Tours offer prospective parents the opportunity to view the school in action on a normal school day.

Contact the College Registrars at each school to enquire about current vacancies and to obtain an indication of future enrolment prospects in the required year level.

The major intake years are currently:
Kindergarten for the Junior School
Year 7 for the Senior School

From 2016 the main intake year for the Senior School will be Year 6 and the Junior School will have a double intake of Year 5 students.

For further information please contact:
Junior School - Glenda Tarozzi, Admissions Officer (08) 9299 6626 e-mail > helena.js@helena.wa.edu.au
Senior School - Anne Kinsella, College Registrar (08) 9298 9100 e-mail > helena@helena.wa.edu.au



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To be a school where students are inspired to be the best they can be; where they are encouraged to develop the confidence, ability and passion to achieve their goals; and to have the skills and commitment to leave a positive footprint on the world.


To educate and inspire students to be the best they can be by providing a balanced focus on whole child development.

To be a school where students, teachers and parents actively engage as partners in the educational process.

To be a school with high expectations of learning and achievement by offering creative, engaging and challenging educational experiences in a nurturing environment.


All members of the Helena College community are guided by these values:

• Integrity and responsibility
• Inclusivity and participation
• Caring and compassion
• Respect for self, others and our surroundings

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