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Haileybury - Berwick

138 High Street
Berwick, VIC 3806
Tel: 03 9904 6006

Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Combined
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Uniting Church
Early Learning: Yes
International Baccalaureate: Yes
Scholarships: Yes

About Haileybury

Haileybury is one of Melbourne’s leading independent schools with campuses at Brighton, Berwick and Keysborough. The School is acclaimed for its outstanding academic achievements, small class sizes, broad range of co-curricular activities, and state-of-the-art facilities. From the Early Learning Centre to the Senior School, learning is student-centred and based on the different learning styles of students, and on their gender, age, interests and potential.

Every year Haileybury achieves outstanding VCE results with about 30% of its students ranked in the top 5% of Australia and more than 95% in the top half of the country.

Haileybury is also the first Victorian independent school to guarantee that classes which count towards the VCE and university entrance score will have no more than 15 students. Haileybury’s commitment to small class sizes extends to all stages of schooling.

Haileybury’s parallel education is an enlightened method of teaching that recognizes the diverse education needs to boys and girls. While boys and girls benefit from learning together in their early years, better educational outcomes are derived through single-gender classes in their middle and senior years. At Haileybury, boys and girls learn together until Year 4. From Year 5 to 12, boys and girls attend separate schools on the same campus. Girls first started at Haileybury in 2000.

Parallel Education

Haileybury College

A school for boys from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. It opened in 1892.

Haileybury Girls College

A school for girls from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School.Girls were first admitted in 2000 and Haileybury Girls College was formally established in 2002.

The best of both worlds

* Girls and boys attend the same campuses
* Learning and activities are arranged to reflect the age and gender of the student and the nature of the activities
* Early Learning Centres and Junior Schools (Prep to Year 4) are co-instructional
* Middle Schools and Pre-Senior Centres (Years 5 to 9) are separate for boys and girls
* Years 5 to 9 boys and girls interact for appropriate activities, Co-curricular and Social programs (drama, music, social and community activities and functions)
* Senior School (Years 10 to 12) will generally have single-gender classes except where co-instructional learning is advantageous
* In the Senior School, separate study and recreational areas will be available for boys and girls, or they may choose to use a range of shared community areas.


Early Learning Centres (ELC)
Junior School (Prep - Year 4)
Middle School (Year 5 - Year 8)
Pre-Senior (Year 9)
Senior School (Year 10-12)

Haileybury College

Haileybury has a long and proud tradition of educating boys.

Haileybury College is a school for boys from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. It opened in 1892. There are now over 2000 boys at Haileybury College.

Haileybury Girls College

Haileybury Girls College is a school for girls from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. Girls were first admitted in 2000 and Haileybury Girls College was formally established in 2002.

Haileybury Girls College has over 1300 students from ELC - Year 12 and has established an outstanding record of academic and sporting successes.

Pastoral care is run through the home teachers in Junior School and Middle School and through a vibrant house system in the Senior School.


Haileybury has 3 campuses:

Keysborough - 855 Springvale Road
Brighton - 120 South Road
Berwick - 138 High Street



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From the Principal

Haileybury is acclaimed as a great school.
The acclaim stems from our guaranteed small classes, the highly successful parallel education model, outstanding teachers, an unmatched level of individual attention – and 117 years of history and achievement.
Haileybury has high expectations for its students and provides them with the support needed to achieve academically.
In the Junior School, Haileybury students surpass nationwide benchmarks for literacy and numeracy.
In the Senior School, we expect that 40% of boys and girls should be placed in the top 10% in the State, 60% in the top 20% in the State and a significant number in the top 1%.
I believe that graduating students should have strong core academic skills, a broad analytical thinking ability and be capable of operating in a rapidly changing world.
At Haileybury we develop the core literacy and numeracy skills through the use of explicit, direct instructional learning in the Junior Years.
In the Middle Years a combination of explicit instruction and student-centred learning is used to broaden analytical thinking and problem solving. An exciting Year 9 development program develops independence and resilience.
The three-year VCE and IB Program in the Senior Years, coupled with one of the widest range of subject choices available, ensures that there are programs to suit all students’ interests and abilities.
Our academic programs are enhanced by Haileybury’s commitment to a strong social education program that includes fulfilling potential, supporting individual resilience and the development of personal character values, including a commitment to lifelong learning.
I believe in the principles of social justice and am committed to the School developing our students accordingly.
Education at Haileybury is much more than a formal learning program. It embodies attention to the welfare of each student and his, or her, total school experience. Through our model of Parallel Education, it seeks the best that can be achieved academically for each student and at the same time looks to his or her social development.
I believe that schooling should be enjoyable and that every student matters every day.
We look forward to showing you our School - an institution of which we are very proud.

Derek Scott