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Mount Evelyn Christian School - MECS

14 Hawkins Road
Montrose, VIC 3765
Tel: 03 9738 6000

Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Combined
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Early Learning: Yes

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Welcome to Mount Evelyn Christian School - MECS

Mount Evelyn Christian School provides parent-governed, Christ-centred schooling with learning experiences that challenge each student to actively live for God in His world, while partnering with Christian parents in the nurture of their children at a price affordable to those who are committed.

As students understand themselves, their world, and have a healthy view of the calling God has for them, they are well equipped and positioned to engage as active participants in society and as disciples of the Lord.

Such a holistic understanding stands in stark contrast to the broad Australian view that schools exist for the purpose of providing students with basic skills and the where-with-all to get a good job at the end of the process. One is a view of God’s kingdom and the call to serve, the other, the material world in which one needs to work - two very different views about education.

Early Learning, Primary & Middle School

Mount Evelyn Christian School provides early learning education, including our Busy Bees Playgroup, Music for Young Children program and 3 & 4 Year Old Kindergarten, right through to Year 12.

The Primary School is divided into 2 Prep classes and 3 multi aged levels or Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. Our choice for a multi-aged class-grouping model is based on our belief that it provides a more natural model for student relationships and co-operative learning. It reinforces our non-competitive approach to education. Teachers are challenged to see students as unique human beings, whose many needs will need to be met at a variety of levels and in different ways. It also provides teachers with the opportunity to work closely together with a partner and much team teaching takes place.

Realising that all students are created uniquely with a wide range of gifts and talents, the Middle School seeks to foster an appreciation of community giftedness and sharing through a multi-aged approach to learning.

Senior School

The Senior School operates from its own separate campus on the school grounds. The Senior School is seen by students and teachers as a close-knit community with a strong emphasis on mutual caring and support.

The Senior School program focuses on a number of subjects designed to provide students with a maximum of flexibility in selecting tertiary studies, or in seeking a career. The VCE subjects offered enable our students to access all of the University and TAFE courses currently offered in Victoria. We also are part of the "Pathways Program.” The emphasis is on enabling students to become active, critical, self-motivated, cooperative learners, and on the development of study skills, rather than on course content only. The school has a good track record of students graduating from year 12 with the passes necessary to enter their chosen field of tertiary study. More importantly, our students successfully adjust to the demands of these studies.


Students at Mount Evelyn Christian School attend weekly Physical Education classes, as well as participate in weekly sport and inter-school sport competitions. There is a wide range of sports for the students to take part in, including netball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling and athletics. The school also holds inter-house cross-country, athletics, swimming and sports carnivals.

Performing Arts

At Mount Evelyn Christian School, there’s a real enthusiasm among students and Instrumental Specialists. Our hope is that everyone will feel that enthusiasm and take the opportunity to try an instrument at MECS. Our instrumental rooms really are the place to be for musical expression and creativity - classical, songwriting, popular hits and Christian music for worship.

The instruments taught at Mount Evelyn Christian School include: voice, piano, keyboard, classical and contemporary singing, flute, violin, viola, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, mandolin and ukulele.

Drama is a big part of student life at MECS, with students participating in plays and musicals, as well as experiencing live theatre in class excursions.



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