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The Australian Schools Directory lists all Government and Private schools in Australia. Parents can easily find the type of school they want in any location in Australia.

Many schools choose to offer additional personalised information by having their own Feature Page.

The directory includes all Government schools (State schools) and all Private schools (Independent schools and Catholic schools). It covers all Primary schools and Secondary schools (high schools).

This Directory will help you find schools in every capital city or any suburb in Australia. When you search by Suburb you will find all the schools in a 2, 5, or 10 kilometre radius. Then if you wish to refine your search from this list you can choose from the Menu on the left to select the type of school, for example Government, Independent or Catholic, or Alternative schools, or Girls, Boys, Co-ed or Boarding schools, or even select schools by Religion.

Should you wish to embark on a wider regional search across Australia you will be able to do this via the Map in the full website on your desk-top or lap-top.

Many schools in Australia have chosen to post their own Feature Page on the Directory giving extra personalised information about their schools with photos and up to date announcements and descriptions of their facilities, academic programs, scholarships, their mission or vision, and enrolment details.

Wherever you are looking for schools you can find them here: Sydney schools, Melbourne schools, Adelaide schools, Perth schools, Canberra schools, Darwin schools, Hobart schools, Brisbane schools, Gold Coast schools and schools in all regional areas across Australia.

If you want to search for schools by location, just select a State on the Map and keep clicking on the map until you find the local area. You will also be able to find schools by suburb. See all schools in the area, or select the type of schools you want to find: for example Government schools, Independent schools, Catholic schools, girls schools, boys schools or co-ed schools.

You can also search for schools by Religion (Anglican schools, Uniting Church schools, Jewish schools, Christian schools etc), or search for Special Needs schools, or Alternative schools (such as Montessori or Steiner schools) or Boarding schools. Find schools by Name. Even search for schools by the school curriculum and educational programs. Select from the menu above.

Many schools have posted Feature Pages giving extra information, such as scholarships, facilities, academic programs, school websites etc.

See menu bar above for descriptions of education systems in schools in all States of Australia, other education information, and school term dates. You can also make a Short-list of your top schools.

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