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Kindlehill School

High School at Kindlehill Steiner School

The Kindlehill Steiner high school provides an inspirational and dynamic Steiner-based curriculum that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of young people. The students undertake a diverse array of subjects that are taught by specialist teachers who work collaboratively to develop interconnectedness between subjects. This also contributes to a sense of a community - adults and young people learning together. The high school features small classes with a balance of directed, independent and collaborative learning.

Primary School at Kindlehill Steiner School

At Kindlehill Steiner School, we see education as a wellspring for life. We believe education must provide the foundation for meeting the challenges that come at every stage of life. Formal learning is introduced gradually in first class. Children need time to savour and digest what they learn. We avoid over intellectualising young children and protect them from the world of advertising. Instead we surround children with real life learning experiences, where they are constantly creating ideas, relationships and beautiful and useful things. Primary school offers reading, writing, drawing, music, drama, geography, science, history, eurythmy and many subject presented in a way that is understood and absorbed by the child.

The Kindy Garden at Kindlehill Steiner School

At Kindlehill Steiner School the Kindy Garden is just that - a garden. It is a place where children can grow and unfold. The Kindy days are permeated with a blend of stories, songs, art, craft and practical activities, all blended with indoor and outdoor play. This environment provides them with the nourishment and foundation for health and wellbeing as they move into their future years at the school. At the end of their Kindy years, children are formally handed into the arms of their primary school teacher, who will guide them until the completion of primary school (year 6/7). If your child is age 0-4, you are welcome to join our play group sessions, which involve a morning gathering of parents and children to tell stories, create craft, and bake delicious bread.

Parent Involvement at Kindlehill Steiner School

At Kindlehill Steiner School, the families are an intrinsic part of the school. Parents are active in making the school environment the beautiful and welcoming place it is. It is our experience that the participation of parents in the school warms and enriches their children's experience. It also allows for the formation of long and lasting friendships within the community.

Kindlehill Steiner School Environment

Kindlehill Steiner School's approach is to touch the earth lightly, and this approach is delivered from Kindy through to high school, and into the parent community. The Kindy building and the layout of the school is an unfolding spiral, expressing the unfolding life of children in our care. The flow of the seasons is celebrated throughout the school year, and is an intrinsic part of the school curriculum. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs are planted throughout the school and are tended by students, teachers and parents.

Kindlehill Steiner School Events

Our Autumn Fair is held on the second Saturday in May, and the Spring Open Day is held on the last Saturday in October. All are welcome.

Kindlehill School

8-12 Lake Street
Blue Mountains, NSW 2782
Phone: 02 4757 4402


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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Alternative: Steiner


Kindlehill Steiner School is a K-10 Steiner school in the Blue Mountains, located above the lake in Wentworth Falls.

We are a Steiner school working creatively and in a contemporary way, out of the foundation of Rudolf Steiner's philosophy for education.

At Kindlehill Steiner School, we see education as a wellspring for life. Our teachers recognise that to learn effectively, children and young people need their imagination enlivened. We offer learning experiences that involve the whole person; thinking, feeling and willing - heads, hearts and hands, from Kindy Garden through to High School (Year 10).


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