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TAFE Senior College

Do Year 11 and 12 Differently

Completing your Senior Schooling at our TAFE QLD Alexandra Hills campus gives students the opportunity to finish high school in a relaxed learning environment.
Our Mentor Program supports our students throughout their time at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, enabling them to set and achieve clear and realistic goals for their future.

Why study Year 11 & 12 at TAFE?

Our 'Do Year 11 & 12 differently' program has been designed for student to attain either a QCE or OP ranking as well as vocational qualifications. With these qualifications in hand, you can transition through to further study or employment in your chosen field with increased ease and greater confidence.

In addition, the learning environment at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, Alexandra Hills campus enables year 11 & 12 students to develop as individuals in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, providing access to:

- industry-standard vocational training facilities
- fully equipped resource centre
- theatre and auditorium
- excellent access to computer labs
- canteen
- multi-purpose activity centre.

A supportive program

Other excellent student support services are offered at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, including:
- qualified counsellors
- career guidance via counsellors
- tutorial support
- mentor program
- career hub
- disability support officer

Mentor Program

All Senior College students are enrolled in the Mentor Program which is designed to prepare you, regardless of academic ability, for the challenges of studying.

The program is comprised of formal scheduled class time involving a variety of speakers, as well as informal time where students can raise issues of importance.

Through this program, Year 12 students are prepared for the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCST). Our Mentor Program supports our students throughout their time with us, enabling you to set and achieve clear and realistic goals for your future.

Career Hub

Year 12 students will also join the Career Hub in semester two of their Mentoring Program. This prepares students for the completion of year 12, and equips them with key skills required to be job-ready. Students will focus on their individual career pathways, and learn skills to meet these goals, including an exciting schedule of industry speakers to discuss various career choices.

Disability Support

TAFE Queensland Brisbane has Disability Services Officers who:
- offer confidential, friendly advice and support for any life situation
- assist students to achieve their educational and career goals
- encourage students to be independent and take responsibility for their course and study
- liaise with relevant external agencies, organisations or government departments to gain assistance
- undertake vocational training connected to that particular work area.

TAFE Senior College

Windemere Road
Alexandra Hills, QLD 4161
Phone: 13 72 48



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Key Details:

  • Type: Government
  • Level: Senior
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational


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Student Stories

"I was being home schooled but I wanted an OP to get into uni and I thought TAFE was the best way.  Because it's three days a week, it leaves room for work and other hobbies.  Classes are quite small, really relaxed and the subjects varied." - Sapphire Jones

"We're all really different people but we get along really well.  It's more of an adult environment, we get to express our personalities.  Every shows their real colours and it's really nice." - Adam Rosewarne

"I felt like I wasn't learning anything at school, it wasn't working for me.  The way I learn us by using practical skills.  I want to be shown how to do it and then I do it myself.  The teachers have a lot if experience and they're always trying to teach in a way that suits everybody in the classroom." - Elijah Harris


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