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Schools invited and encouraged to provide details about their Curriculum to the website. This enables parents and students to find schools that offer the education programs, amenities and subjects they require. 

How it works

Visitors to the website choose a location and then select one item from the Curriculum lists. This may be a language like "Japanese" or a sport like "soccer". All schools that match the selection are shown in results. The entire list of what a school has in its Curriculum is not shown - only matching with single selections occurs.

Providing information

It's easy to do. Just tick-off items on the Curriculum list that your school offers. Go to Insert/Change Curriculum Details. There is no cost. The information is only used for the purposes of this website.


If your curriculum is undergoing changes, it's no problem. You can update your Curriculum list at anytime on Insert/Change Curriculum Details. 

If you have any enquiries, or require assistance, please email or Telephone (03) 9525 7213


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