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Select Location

Maps are 'layered', beginning with large geographical areas, with smaller local areas under them. If you keep clicking on maps you will be taken down to smaller areas, such as regional or local areas.

In 'All Schools Search' and in 'Search by Curriculum' you should keep clicking on maps until you reach Local areas, as then you can select the whole area to search in. Otherwise you have to only select 1 suburb at a time plus Nearby Suburbs in larger geographical areas.

In other searches, like Boarding Schools, Special Needs schools, Search by Religion or Alternative Education, you can select large geographical areas, like a city, to search in, or in the smaller local areas.

Select Schools

Here you can select the type, gender and level of schools. If you do not select any sort of school then all the different sorts of schools will be shown in results shown. If you want to be specific then make a selection.

Type in a Suburb

You must type in a suburb name that is in the region you have selected. Otherwise there will be no result.

Results Boxes 

  • Results boxes are the boxes around each school that appears in the results.
  • All matching schools appear in results and in alphabetical order.
  • Schools with Feature Pages are more prominent due to a photo in their Results Box and an introductory headline. Click on 'View Feature Page' or 'More' to see the entire Feature Page.
  • Always click on the ‘Back to Search’ button to return back to your search.

Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools can be searched under All Schools Search only, not in Search by Religion.

Find School by Name

Not sensitive to capital letters, full-stops or apostrophes. Use correct spelling. Best to use just the basic part of the school's name.

Search by Special Needs

Shows Special Needs schools only, not general schools which may offer some special needs facilities. These will be added to website progressively.

My Shortlist

Log in with email and password and you can store schools on My Shortlist. This list will be available each time you return to the website and log-in. Add schools from link on Feature Pages and in link above Results Boxes.

Education Information

This information has been researched and compiled by Future Media Group and is under copyright. School term dates excepted.

For Schools

This section is only for schools.  When schools log-in they are privy to even more information.



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