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Hillcrest Christian College - Virtual Learning Community

Welcome to Hillcrest VLC

Hillcrest’s VLC is an evolution of traditional distance education.
Our VLC incorporates the best aspects of a world-class Hillcrest Christian College education.
While we have maintained the benefits of distance learning — your family controls how, when and where your child will complete their schooling.
As well as participating in online, timetabled classes, VLC students will be able to access on-campus social opportunities, extracurricular activities and flexible learning at our Gold Coast Campus.

Tailored Learning

Our VLC offers a broad range of learning opportunities through individual pathways in an environment where every child can learn in a way that suits their unique strengths and interests, equipping them with the skills they’ll need now and into the world beyond school.

Individual Pathways

We create individual learning plans for every student within our VLC, in conjunction with teachers and parents. These individual pathways are adaptable to students’ learning needs, so they can work at a pace appropriate to their development, take time to consolidate vital content or skill development, or work on more complex enrichment tasks.
We ensure that our plans are flexible and can be adapted as your child’s needs and interests change.

Our Educational Model

Our Virtual Learning Community (VLC) has an exceptional academic program with our educational model that consists of four domains of equal importance; intellectual, spiritual, emotional and wellbeing, embedded in a global context.


We focus on wellbeing — with an emphasis on educating the whole child to promote a true sense of belonging within a virtual environment. Our wellbeing initiatives support students to create important relationships with other peers within the program.
We support students’ well-being, give them the skills to improve their emotional intelligence, and equip them with a platform of values to help them navigate through a fast-changing world.


Our platform enables students to establish authentic and meaningful connections with other students and staff.
Unlike some distance education providers with large student to teacher ratios, our intentional class sizes provide students with an opportunity to network and create deeper peer relationships.
On-campus social and enrichment opportunities mean local students can also meet up and strengthen online friendships.

Hillcrest Christian College - Virtual Learning Community

21 Bridgman Drive
Reedy Creek, QLD 4227
Phone: 07 5593 4226



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Alternative: Other Alternative Education
  • Distance Education: Yes

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