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Newington College Wyvern House Stanmore K-6

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Wyvern House is a primary school for boys that is dedicated to inspiring and challenging our students. Located in the Inner City suburb of Stanmore, we are easily accessible by public transport and have the added advantage of being only a ten minute walk from the Stanmore 7-12 Campus.

A Wyvern education focuses on building character and resilience, caring for others and shaping the bright minds of the future.

We open up a world of possibilities for our students by encouraging them to discover their interests, passions and values. The opportunity to learn in an environment that embraces technology, creativity, participation and diversity may be the catalyst that ignites a passion or interest that lasts a lifetime.

There are five key components to a Newington education: an excellent teaching and learning program; an emphasis on well-being, character and service to others; an engagement with spirituality, values and ethics; a diverse range of exciting co-curricular opportunities and a strong emphasis on community.

How Best they Learn

Learning at Wyvern House is about encouraging interest, enthusiasm and confidence in the classroom and beyond. Our teachers challenge and inspire our boys to excel across the board.

At Wyvern, we don’t limit students to one area of interest or expertise. We believe that all students are capable of giving everything a go.

Our specialist teachers are passionate about their subjects and understand the needs of primary aged boys. We nurture all of our students, whether they be a budding artist, author, musician, sportsperson or IT guru of the future.

At Wyvern our learning and teaching program focusses on the foundation of a successful primary education: a robust and rigorous approach to literacy and numeracy supported by a well–rounded curriculum.

The Building Learning Power Framework

The ‘Building Learning Power’ Framework is the main Learning and Teaching model used at Wyvern House. This unique academic framework teaches boys to learn in an environment that exposes them to new challenges and experiences.

With a skills-based focus, our programme teaches boys the techniques to pursue their passions and the resilience to overcome difficulties and maintain a positive outlook.

Similar to the way we all need a regime of frequent exercise, a balanced diet and time to rest and refresh our bodies to maintain good physical and emotional health, the Building Learning Power model applies the same discipline of consistent practice, and a motivated and positive attitude to ensure that our boys grow to become ‘fitter’ learners.

Co-curricular Activities

Our co-curricular program supports the physical, cultural, spiritual and mental development of each boy. It gives students the opportunity to engage with a broad range of ideas that add richness to the school day.

There are various activities on offer after school hours throughout the year both at the Wyvern campus and at the Stanmore 7-12 campus.

In addition to an extensive sport and music program we offer options such as Art, ICT and Environmental Clubs, Robotics, Greek Lessons and Chess.

Newington College Wyvern House Stanmore K-6

115 Cambridge Street
Stanmore, NSW 2048
Phone: 61 2 9568 9440



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Primary
  • Gender: Boys
  • Religious Affiliation: Uniting Church


College Tours
Newington College offers tours throughout the year to provide the opportunity to experience our state-of-the-art facilities and learn about the teaching and learning, co-curricular and well-being opportunities at Newington.
Tours through our secondary and preparatory campuses are generally led by the respective Heads of School and take place throughout the year at all three campuses. Please visit:
Book a Tour | Newington CollegeNewington College

Virtual Tour
Please visit:
Stanmore K-6 | Newington College

Registration & Enrolment
Please visit:
Registration & Enrolment | Newington College


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