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Our School

A rigorous academic curriculum within a balanced program of activities has been the hallmark of a Queenwood education for over 90 years. Within a strong learning community, we create space for our girls to engage with big ideas and connect with a diverse range of people and communities. At Queenwood, our commitment is to a liberal education – an education which, at its core, develops rigorous thinking and the practice of inquiry.

Our Values

Truth, Courage and Service underpin a Queenwood education. Growing in wisdom with a strong sense of identity and self-knowledge aid students in seeking a deep understanding of the truths of the world. That sense of purpose, the willingness to engage with challenge and the desire to make a contribution remain at the heart of Queenwood’s mission. By thinking and acting independently, our girls are keen to engage with contemporary social and political issues, enriching their knowledge of themselves and gaining deeper and more nuanced perspectives on the world. We encourage our students at every level to contribute in thought, word and deed: responding to the vulnerable and marginalised with respect and compassion; speaking out with courage; and taking action in their service.

Our Programs

We are an independent, Kindergarten to Year 12, non-selective day school for girls that provides a well-balanced curriculum catering to individual differences. We seek to develop in our students the knowledge, skills and habits which will be the foundation for a lifelong awakening to the complexity of the world. As girls move through the school there are increasing opportunities and expectations for independence. Our curriculum, pastoral care structures and extra-curricular programs create a safe but challenging framework within which girls learn to manage their work, their time, their relationships and responsibilities – skills which are essential to a happy and productive life.

HSC& IB Pathways

We offer dual HSC and IB pathways, and each girl has the opportunity to choose the style and pattern of study which best suit her individual interests and preference. Our commitment to the life of the mind reaches far beyond the examination syllabus, and we recognise the school years as an essential grounding in developing an intelligent and sensitive awareness of the world.


47 Mandolong Road
Mosman, NSW 2088
Phone: 02 8968 7777



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Girls
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • International Baccalaureate: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


Open Days and School Tours

At Queenwood we hold Introductory Days, please contact the Director of Admissions on
(02) 8968 7777 
Or visit:
Queenwood - Book a Tour

Please visit:
Queenwood - Scholarships


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