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St Dominic's College

Our School

St Dominicís College prides itself on being a holistic
education provider, allowing our students to excel in any
field they may choose, whether it be academia, sport,
leadership or social justice. We provide an educational
program designed specifically for male students, which
allows each learner to develop and reach their goals in a
caring and supportive environment.

College Values

St Dominicís is a College in the tradition of Edmund Rice,
and we place a strong emphasis on our Catholic heritage
and the values that provides. Spirituality and social
justice form the corner stone of our College, as we strive
to educate our students into becoming conscientious and
caring members of the community.

Pastoral Care

Boys at St. Dominicís College experience a caring environment and a mentoring programme which helps them mature. Growing up through its strong pastoral programmes, the boys learn to mix and work with a diverse range of talents and personalities. St. Dominicís Our pastoral care program supports brotherhood
amongst the students, providing an environment where
every student feels a sense of belonging. Students
are surrounded by a group of peers who have genuine
compassion and respect for one another.

College Curriculum

St Dominicís College provides a blended learning
environment where traditional classroom experiences
are enhanced through the use of technology. All of our
classrooms are fully equipped multimedia centers,
with electronic textbooks and innovative educational
resources used to assist and reinforce student learning.
St Dominicís incorporates digital classrooms seamlessly
into our comprehensive curriculum, allowing students
of different interests, capabilities and educational goals
to advance regardless of what area they pursue.

College Facilities

Our state of the art facilities set us apart, and ensure
that students are being educated in the best possible
environment. We are ever aware of the integral part that
we play in your sonís development and growth, something
we do not take lightly. The most important aspect of
College life is the wellbeing of our students; we provide
an environment that allows students to flourish. We
employ two full time councillors who specialise in child
psychology, and indigenous liaison officer who fosters our
indigenous heritage and three learning support staff to
provide specialist attention where needed.

College Vision

The Colleges learning vision of providing an innovative
contemporary curriculum that educates for justice
and peace drives and informs the use of technology
in promoting greater collaboration, creativity, higher
order thinking, connectedness, student direction
and engagement. In 2016 we will expand the use of
technology in learning and teaching. The ďBring your
own TechnologyĒ program will be initiated in Year 7 with
the program being staggered across the rest of the
College over time. The College uses a Targeted Learning
Framework to inform the students in their learning
journey linking Learning Intentions and the associated
Success Criteria that informs the studentsí progress and
pursuit of personal best. Using Bloomís Digital Taxonomy
our staff provide a personalised and student centered
learning journey where they can access resources and
supports applicable to them in a digital environment.

St Dominic's College

54-94 Gascoine Street
Kingswood, NSW 2747
Phone: 02 4731 1933
Fax: 02 4721 0166



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Secondary
  • Gender: Boys
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • Indigenous Education: Yes
  • International Students: Yes
  • Sporting Academy: Yes


“Each student is encouraged to strive to achieve his personal best by setting
and meeting high personal standards. Through a positive attitude each young
man of this great College has the opportunity to do extraordinary things.”
Please visit our website or contact the school for more information about the quality education we can offer your son.



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