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Kildare College

From the Principal

We welcome you to Kildare College; an environment small enough for every student to be known and valued, yet big enough to bring out their very best.Founded by the Brigidine Sisters in 1966, Kildare is a Kildare Education Ministries College educating girls from Years 7-12.

The College is proud of its heritage, and whilst contemporary in its thinking, is committed to carrying out the traditional values of St Brigid and Nano Nagle.

We enjoy a reputation of being a hospitable, vibrant and diverse learning community that fosters independent and thoughtful young women with strength and gentleness of character.

We are committed to challenging and inspiring your daughter with our broad and innovative curriculum that caters to her individuality, supports her talents and promotes academic excellence.

Kildare students develop a sense of wellbeing, identity, success and belonging, and gain the skills to live a full and meaningful life beyond the classroom.

We hope this gives you an insight into our unique learning environment. We encourage you to explore our website and invite you and your daughter to discover first-hand the Kildare difference.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Tina Neate

Faith and Practice

The tradition of St Brigid challenges and encourages us to be inclusive, welcoming and understanding of the gifts that each individual brings to Kildare.

As a Kildare Ministries school, we are also committed to promoting the values of Nano Nagle, who was a strong advocate for Catholic education and reaching out to those most vulnerable.

At Kildare, we welcome all faiths and emphasise the importance of respecting others. Students are encouraged to reach out to the community, strive for justice and compassion and make a difference to others through social action, supporting charities and special projects.

Religious Education at Kildare provides opportunities for your daughter to explore her beliefs and make sense of the world in which she lives. The program is based on Catholic beliefs and traditions, while promoting and celebrating the many faiths and cultures within the College.

Our students learn to act with integrity and to be considerate and appreciative of others. We have a holistic pastoral focus on the care of your daughter and provide a Counsellor, Social Worker and College Chaplain to support her wellbeing and spirituality.

Together with Kildare’s proactive learning environment, each student is able to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally. This positively impacts on each student’s ability to reach their academic potential

Educating Girls

Kildare College offers a unique education for young women that will enhance their confidence, self-esteem, resilience and success in all areas of their life.

Supported by national research, we recognise that girls in an all girls’ educational environment achieve better results, take intellectual risks, gain more confidence and have an outlook on life based on their abilities and not
their gender.

We are experts on how girls learn and are proud that we give them the undivided attention they need to develop and grow. Some of the advantages of an all girls’ learning environment include:

• Stronger academic results.
• All leadership roles are filled by girls.
• Teachers’ strategies target individual learning styles and abilities.
• Girls thrive and excel in collaborative teams, leading to a greater sense of connectedness.
• The challenges of adolescence are worked through without distraction or embarrassment.
• Girls feel more confident to take intellectual risks.
• Girls are introduced to strong female role models and understand that all careers are open to them.
• Women’s efforts and achievements are celebrated.


At Kildare College, learning is firmly grounded within a student-centred model. This allows us to adapt to our ever-changing world and to meet the varying needs and developing maturity of adolescent learners.

The curriculum at Kildare offers a wide and balanced range of subjects catering for individual differences and diverse pathways and goals. Our passionate and innovative teachers will know your daughter personally and will help identify her abilities and learning styles to achieve success in all facets of her life.

Our small class sizes are essential to the success of individual learning, as they allow your daughter to receive the specific attention she needs for optimal learning and growth.
Personalised learning and extension opportunities for the gifted and talented are in place to ensure each student is catered for and reaches their full potential.

Our core subjects provide a strong foundation on which students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities are built. Our extensive selection of elective choices enriches and complements our students’ learning experiences.

We provide opportunities for growing independence while providing ongoing support to ensure every student’s educational needs are met.


Application for enrolment at Kildare College is made by submitting a completed Application for Enrolment form, along with a most recent academic report and a non-refundable application fee. Please note lodging an application does not guarantee acceptance. Please contact our Registrar, at the College or visit our website for more information.

Kildare College

96 Valiant Road
Holden Hill, SA 5088
Phone: 08 8369 9999
Fax: 08 8369 9975



Key Details:

  • Type: Catholic
  • Level: Secondary
  • Gender: Girls
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


See us in action!
Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit us to view the College and see daily life at Kildare.
Please visit: College Tours

Please visit:
Kildare College Holden Hill | Your Enrolment

Please visit:
Kildare College Holden Hill | Scholarships


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