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Swan Christian College


At Swan Christian College, we provide students with the opportunity to be educated and encouraged in a Christian environment; equipping them for a meaning-filled life.

While we have a strong focus on academic excellence, this is balanced by a careful emphasis on social relationships and Biblical values that will guide our students through life and help them to reach their God-given potential by making good, ethical choices.


Swan Christian College is set in a semi rural environment in the Swan Valley, 20 minutes from the Perth city centre. Fine food and produce suppliers, vineyards and private acreage surround the extensive College grounds.

The Swan Centre is ideal for sporting, academic or community events. The complex features a range of impressive facilities, including a 1,500-seat auditorium, double basketball court, conference suite, weights area, indoor climbing wall and dance floor.

Swan Christian College also offers a range of other facilities, including a nationally recognised Digital Media Studio and Music Centre, a Trade Training Centre and Hospitality Kitchen, designed to cater for an increasingly diverse student body.

Junior School

At Swan Christian College Junior School we are dedicated to providing a school where God is honoured, children are loved and learning is an adventure. With a comprehensive support network for students, academic growth is coupled with invaluable attention to their emotional and spiritual development. We genuinely believe that every student has been created with great opportunities for the future and it is our privilege to help them develop the skills and knowledge that will support them on their journey.

A focus on reaching students’ individual academic needs is paramount in our approach to their learning. Whether they are soaring in their grasp of new concepts or require specific, guided learning, the Junior School’s educational programs can reach each student at their point of need. Through this process, students develop not only new knowledge and skills, but also the understanding that they are capable of personal excellence.

Middle School

The Middle School years of 7 to 9 are a very important time for a child’s development as they transition from childhood to young adulthood. Educationally Swan Christian College provides a bridge from the protected, teacher-directed Junior School to an academically challenging Senior School.

Working in a triangular partnership with the student, parents and the College, the Middle School sustains the nurturing environment of Junior School while challenging and equipping young people to develop independent learning habits of mind. This comes about through an emphasis on a purposeful planned academic program; and a focus on the development of the skills for life that are the essential foundation blocks for future academic and vocational learning. The acquisition of skills like teamwork, self-management, creative and critical thinking, ultimately help students to become the young people they are destined to be in Christ: engaged citizens, who demonstrate the application of their personal skills, strengths and values to benefit others around them.

Senior School

We provide our Senior School students with a comprehensive education that includes social, emotional and academic development and guidance to help them become valuable members of their community.

As students enter the Senior School they are offered an increasing degree of freedom to make independent, informed choices about the academic programs they wish to pursue for the final three years of their schooling.

Our students are involved in a varied academic program, which allows for them to excel in areas that suit their abilities. A wide variety of courses including Certificate II and III courses are offered. Students may also elect to complete Years 11 and 12 through the Trade Training Centre.

About SCEA

Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) was founded over 30 years ago born from a need to provide balanced, Christian education that would nurture and develop children’s spiritual, academic, emotional, creative and physical needs.

Today, our Association of seven existing schools work closely together towards achieving our vision of being leaders of effective Christian Education in WA, such that we influence the next generation of children globally.
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Swan Christian College

381 - 401 Great Northern Highway
Middle Swan, WA 6056
Phone: 08 9374 8300
Fax: 08 9374 8301



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian


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Enrolment Process

Swan Christian College is the oldest and largest school within the Swan Christian Education Association. 

The College is a school where children are valued in all they do and in every aspect of their intellectual, cultural, sporting and spiritual lives. Great emphasis is placed upon teaching and learning to help students explore their intellectual horizons and achieve their academic potential. 

To assist our students achieve their potential, Swan aims to provide a supportive environment that is free from intimidation, and recognises and nurtures differences. The College has a strong pastoral care program that provides a framework of encouragement, enabling students to recognise and use their abilities with compassion, character and confidence in their community. 

We believe that a broad based education is built upon seven foundational pillars. The Swan Christian College Seven Pillars describe the attributes that our students will have the opportunity to develop during their time at the College, namely: Knowledge, Courage, Service, Wisdom, Engagement, Leadership and Spirituality. 

Members of the teaching team at the College have been selected for their ability to teach and encourage our students, as well as being authentic Christian role models. We believe good teaching comes from good people. So, as well as requiring excellent teaching qualifications, we look for adults with the ability to be mentors, encouragers and innovative thinkers and impart lasting social, moral and spiritual values. 

We warmly invite you and your children to join our community and share the excitement of the journey by phoning 08 9374 8300.


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