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Banyan Fields Primary School

Our School

At Banyan Fields Primary School we are committed to creating a bright future for our learners. We provide academic, emotional and social education within our learning community. Our objective is to instil the values of Belonging, Resilience, Ambition and Integrity to create influential and positive members of society.

Our aim for our students is that they experience a seamless education from pre-school to year 12; we work hard to develop relationships with the neighbouring kindergartens and local high school to promote effective and supportive transitions. We offer a wide range of programs and opportunities for children to develop their potential intellectually, emotionally and socially in a secure, caring environment.

Our Values

Community connectedness and learning are the building blocks for students to develop their skills for life. Personal skills of optimism, resilience, caring, teamwork, respect, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication and leadership skills are essential skills in present and future successful relationships.

Each student at Banyan Fields Primary School is supported in their development through practicing our school values:
 Belonging – Including everyone; acceptance, tolerance, caring and loyalty
 Resilience – Bouncing back; learning from mistakes, mental toughness, and never giving up even when things are hard
 Ambition – my very best effort; high expectations, spirit self-belief
 Integrity – always doing the right thing; truth, honesty and trust


Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure the children receive exciting and stimulating programs based on the Victorian Curriculum and a diverse program of extra-curricular activities. Our teachers are skilled in developing hands-on, interactive and engaging learning tasks that are relevant to students. They provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in a range of contexts, using appropriate technological devices to assist them. We integrate learning topics together so a range of ideas are addressed at one time, allowing students to be creative and develop their resourcefulness, reflectivity, communication and collaboration skills. We also encourage students to make mistakes! This means they are trying new things, pushing themselves and having to overcome the barriers to their learning; in doing so developing their resilience.
Banyan Fields Primary School has a curriculum that is based on the individual needs of students, statewide benchmarks and real life challenges. The curriculum provides a balance in developing academic, social and emotional skills preparing students for their present and future learning.

Programs are both challenging and inspiring creating interest and passion in students when working towards their full potential.

All programs are supported by a wide range of Digital Technology and multi-media - taking advantage of interactive whiteboards, iPads, Laptops and Chromebookes, 3D design and use of software and programs such as Google Apps and Seesaw giving access to connect students and parents at school and at home.

High expectations and standards of learning and behaviour is emphasised in all teaching and learning practices. Our students are inspired to have high expectations of themselves and be fully engaged in learning and relationships.

At Banyan Fields Primary School, our highly focused, student oriented teachers and support staff, work hard to increase their professional learning at every opportunity.

Banyan Fields Primary School has dedicated teachers who provide individualised targets and feedback to support successful student achievement.

Extra Curricula Activities

Banyan Fields Primary School has extensive enrichment programs to cater for the variety of interests of students. We aim to have students be active participants in school life. Below is a sample of the opportunities.
• Student Leadership Program
• Class Buddy Program
• Math Olympiads competitions
• Reading, Writing and Spelling challenges
• Food For Everyone program
• Interschool Sport - including cross country, athletics, swimming
• Swimming program
• Perceptual Motor Program
• Excursions and incursions
• Visiting artists, speakers and authors
• School camps - Years 2 - 6

Extensive Grounds and Facilities

Banyan Fields Primary School still has a rural setting in a suburban environment. The layout of the grounds provides areas for our seperate Foundation playground, and two other large play equipment areas for the rest of the school. We enjoy quiet shaded areas, rotunda with seating, basketball courts, sand pits, cricket nets, turf areas, and four square courts. Different age groups have different play areas to facilitate students playing with their same-age peers.

Our main building includes the Administation office, 15 classrooms and our exciting and engaging school library. The Foundation Learning Centre features 6 spacious classrooms, and 2 indoor/outdoor courtyard areas.
Our Portable classrooms have 10 large classrooms.

Other faciltities also include: Artroom, full sized basketball stadium with multi-purpose foyer, a multi-purpose hall, canteen, separate Out of School Hours Care building and the School Community house.

Community Partnerships

Banyan Fields Primary School has a great parent support and encourage active participation in school life. There are many activities for parents to become an active member in your child's education. We support the community through our multi-partnerships with community organisations. The aim is to provide services for families. We have partnerships with Frankston Council, Monash University, Chisholm Institute, Peninsula Health, Ardoch Foundation, St Luke's church, OzChild, Anglicare, Cairnmillar Institute and OnPsych services.
Some students receive additional support from a wide range of Allied Professionals who work with the school. These professionals include psychologists, counsellors, speech therapists, occupational therapists and a chaplain. Students are able to access these programs through liaison with the classroom teacher and a member of our Wellbeing team.

Banyan Fields Primary School

90 Cadles Road
Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
Phone: 03 9782 1333
Fax: 03 9782 0912



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Key Details:

  • Type: Government
  • Level: Primary
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Early Learning: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


School Webpage
For all up to date information on Banyan Fields Primary School please folllow the link to our Webpage. Our webpage contains videos and links to apps that assist parents keep in touch and up to date at:

Please visit:
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