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SWAN VALLEY Anglican Community School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School is a co-educational, Kindergarten to Year 12, day school. The School opened in 2006 and student numbers have grown to over 1100. It is situated in the scenic Swan Valley region in the North East of Perth.

Swan Valley Anglican Community School is a place where students and teachers are encouraged to strive for excellence in teaching, learning, service and faith. The safe and friendly environment ensures a positive experience for all students as they grow and develop into young adults at our school.

Swan Valley Anglican Community School is a school of the Anglican Schools Commission (Inc). The Anglican Schools Commission was founded to establish and support low fee paying Anglican systemic schools which provide a high quality, inclusive, caring Christian education.

A balanced and holistic education at Swan Valley ACS provides a dynamic and caring environment which leads to innovation and encourages a pursuit of learning and excellence by all staff and students. The core priority within the School is Pastoral Care. The focus of the Schools philosophy revolves around the provision of a safe and open environment, where students are comfortable taking risks to assist them to reach their potential and achieve intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional outcomes.

At Swan Valley Anglican Community School we clearly recognise that the education and experience provided for the students cannot be one dimensional. It is inclusive of support towards parents in developing well rounded individuals who have the life skills to successfully and positively contribute to society.

School Values and Pastoral Care

Core Values
Our Core Values of Faith, Service, Compassion, Integrity and Commitment inform our educational philosophy and practice; while our pastoral system underpins all that we do and seeks to provide a caring and supportive environment to our students.

Pastoral Care
Education is about an individual’s journey; a journey of faith; a journey of learning; a journey of life. This journey is different for each student as they all have unique ways of learning. The School monitors students’ welfare to provide support through our pastoral care programme. The head of the sub-schools, heads of houses and teachers work together to provide support for students to ensure that their emotional, social and holistic needs are met.

It is important that our students feel safe, secure and valued.

In our pursuit of developing the ‘whole’ child, we strive to ensure our students have the best possible educational experiences in a range of areas in order to acquire the skills, attributes and qualities that will enable them to master the challenges of life to be good citizens of the 21st Century.

Community Learning
Our students are encouraged to show their service and compassion for others, both within our community and beyond, and service learning is integral to our educational programme. Our service learning programmes focus on local, national and global charities. Local fundraising projects include most recently the Leukaemia Foundation and the Heart Foundation. Nationally we support Anglicare and are now reaching globally to Asia with our fundraising for Next Generation Cambodia.
Academic achievement is promoted and valued with students being encouraged to be creative thinkers and inquiring learners. Our curriculum and co-curricular programmes are designed to assist our students to develop confidence in their own abilities and to strive to achieve their personal best.

School Curriculum: Junior and Senior

Junior School
The Junior School at Swan Valley Anglican Community School seeks to provide a holistic approach to the education of each child within the school. The curriculum is designed to support students both academically and socially. There is a strong Literacy and Numeracy focus within the Junior School, however, the aim is to teach these skills through a range of subjects that the students can relate to and be excited about. The School recognises that not all children learn at the same pace and to ensure all students needs are catered for, providing both academic support and extension covering the students’ social and emotional needs. In recent years a special programme that incorporates yoga, art therapy and activities has recently been implemented to explicitly teach social emotional awareness among students.
Middle School
In the Middle School, relationships and community are central, learning is inclusive, relevant and engaging and skills, values and attitudes are developed so that students thrive in the 21st century.
Teachers in the Middle School deliver a curriculum that is comprehensive, responsive and interdisciplinary. The importance of the latter has been a central focus of the Middle School with cross-curricular activities becoming more commonplace. These inquiries are not solely about developing and mobilising knowledge and understanding across subject areas, there is also an emphasis on the development of students’ communication and collaboration skills together with problem solving and creativity.
Senior School
Curriculum delivery in the Senior School reflects the individual needs of students with broad-based programs, including academic, vocational and co-curricular courses, allowing for varying degrees of ability and the provision for inclusivity. The foundation of building positive relationships first, allows staff to know each and every student as an individual and therefore enhances the teachers ability to cater to their specific learning needs of students.


Our highly professional, innovative, caring teachers have been individually chosen to cater for the wide-ranging talents of each student and to offer a broad array of co-curricular activities in the areas of sport, music, clubs and societies such as Tournament of Minds and Police Rangers.

Working together we can help your child reach his or her potential through a balanced involvement in the academic, spiritual, sporting and cultural life of the School.

Junior School Co curricular
The co-curricular program in Junior School includes a range of activities offered to the Junior School students, both before and after school. Most clubs are free of charge, though some clubs such as ‘Joeys’ run by the Police Rangers, attract a small subscription fee. There are a wide range of clubs that encourage physical activity such, as yoga, gymnastics and ball games and clubs which cater for the more artistic students such as Art and crafts. Most clubs run for a semester. After each semester we alter our programme according the students’ needs and interests.

Senior School Co Curricular
The co-curricular program in Senior School breaks away from the constraints of the academic program and enhances student’s skills in areas of personal interest. Activities are varied to cater for these individual differences and allow students to explore new and existing pursuits in a supportive environment. The program is geared to provide the opportunity to enhance staff and student relationships and create links with the wider community. These contribute to the holistic development of students through maintaining a wide scope of cultural, spiritual, sporting and artistic pursuits.


Students are taught in modern purpose-built, air-conditioned facilities. The School has a range of facilities from specialised Music practice rooms to a gymnasium with two multi-purpose courts and climbing wall, a library resource centre with adjoining IT classroom provides a wide range of literature across a variety of genres. Outdoor sport facilities include two ovals and two hard courts. The Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God, a facility shared with the Anglican Parish of Ellenbrook, provides an area for Chapel services and assemblies, concerts, parent forums and is of course the weekly Anglican Church services.

The Junior School provides; well equipped classrooms with interactive projectors and whiteboards, Art and Science classrooms, playing fields, basketball court, playgrounds for all primary students including the new nature play area designed to promote cognitive development in early learning students, as well as being a fun addition to the play area.

In the Senior School, classrooms are equipped with whiteboards and data projectors. A large open area upstairs provides space for collaborative learning and computers with touch screens. Specialised classrooms for the senior students include; science laboratories, food technology room, drama studio, woodwork and textile rooms.

Technology & Enterprise Centre
The Technology and Enterprise facility supports the extension of the Vocational Education Training Programme at the School. The students use innovative and modern technologies to support the recent introduction of Certificate 1 and 2 courses. The Centre accommodates four General Learning Areas (GLA’s) comprising a Woodwork Classroom, Metalwork Classroom, two Machine Rooms, two Food Technology Classrooms, inclusive of a Commercial Kitchen, Canteen, Maintenance Workshop, Staff Offices, an Information Technology Office and new Server Room.

Information Technology

The School is continually striving to build upon a modern ICT infrastructure in a hybrid environment with Cloud technologies. This base provides a strong foundation on which to create and develop dynamic and collaborative technology programmes within the classroom, allowing the School to progress with future trends in education. Swan Valley Anglican Community School introduced a 1:1 Tablet PC program in 2014 with all Year 4-12 students required to own an ASUS stylus-capable Windows tablet PC.
Through technology, we engage our students in a wider range of curriculum opportunities and encourage students to explore new and creative ways of thinking. Our students learn a multifaceted approach to technology, which enables them to collaborate and become effective communicators in today’s modern world.
The School recognises that this change in the location of information sources affects the traditional understanding of how subject matter is taught and creates the need for a strong set of social and institutional values and attitudes.

SWAN VALLEY Anglican Community School

Swanleigh Parade
Aveley, WA 6069
Phone: 08 9297 9506
Fax: 08 9296 9470



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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Anglican
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Early Learning: Yes


Open Days and School Tours:

Please contact the school to find out about our next Open Day, or to arrange a personal tour contact the School Registrar on 
Or visit:

Book A Tour - Swan Valley Anglican Community School

New Senior School Classrooms and Outdoor Courts: 

The new Senior School building was opened in 2017. The development of the Senior School classrooms and outdoor courts, while a necessity due to our continued enrolment growth, are more than just seven classrooms, a staffroom, two change rooms and three outdoor courts. It is the School Community’s hope that these classrooms are used for far more than just the learning of lessons, but more importantly as young men, women and staff gather in these rooms over future generations, we pray that they are instrumental in ensuring the positive engagement of all members of our community.


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