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Palmerston Christian School

Welcome to Palmerston Christian School

Palmerston Christian School began in 1988 with a vision to offer exceptional education from a Christian perspective to the fast developing Palmerston area.

The school is unique in that it is not governed by a church or denomination but by an Association of Christian Parents.

PCS offers positions in Primary school (T-6), Middle school (7-9) and Senior school (10). The school council implemented a ‘small is beautiful policy in 1992 to accentuate the benefits of a caring community to our students.

Around Palmerston Christian School grounds it is not an uncommon sight to see senior students playing games with younger children. Such is the caring atmosphere that exists at PCS. There is a sense of family and belonging that allows children to develop socially in a non threatening way.

Palmerston Christian School recognizes that this aspect is an attribute to be cherished in any school and seeks to continue to nurture this healthy, positive environment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Palmerston Christian School is to serve parents and students through the process of nurturing and educating children in an environment where Christ is central, thereby enabling them to be the people that God has called them to be.

Palmerston Christian School is a Christian educational community committed to excellence in learning and pastoral care, founded on Scriptural beliefs, values and behaviour.

Secure Foundations

Palmerston Christian School supports the belief that the foundations laid in early childhood section are critical to the success of all future learning.

The Transition class receives children who are five or turning five during semester 1. This allows for a structured and sequential approach to early literacy and numeracy at this crucial stage in a child’s development.

In building upon these foundations, Palmerston Christian School is able to demonstrate a commitment to high academic standards.

Middle School

To cater to the needs of young adolescents, Palmerston Christian School offers middle schooling from Years Seven to Nine.

These particular years are critical for an adolescent where decisive patterns that are vital in study habits and social skills are often established. Through the careful selection of staff, Palmerston Christian School aims to address this critical stage of the student’s development and offer appropriate teaching and care.

Apart from ensuring a stronger connection and caring relationship between student and teacher, there is also a commitment to upholding and pursuing high academic standards that has always been a feature of the school.

Senior School

NT Christian College is the Senior Years Education provider for NT Christian Schools.

NT Christian College has had the opportunity to provide senior years education to other NT Christian School Campuses. This has led to us opening a Year 10 class on the campus of Palmerston Christian School.

The aim of NT Christian College is to provide a first class Christian education for students across the Northern Territory. Our goal is to assist each student to build their understanding and skills in order to find the calling and vocation that God has for them.

At NT Christian College we see each student as an individual with a unique set of gifts and abilities. We therefore work to individualise each student’s educational pathway within the context of building community and contributing to the world around them. This has led us to develop a highly flexible structure in the college that allows students to engage in and across multiple educational pathways from academically rigorous and abstract subjects to equally challenging VET pathways that involve significant hands on learning.

Northern Territory Christian Schools

Palmerston Christian School belongs to a system of schools governed by NT Christian Schools.

Northern Territory Christian Schools:
• Araluen Christian College (Alice Springs)
• Gawa Christian School (Elcho Island)
• Sattler Christian College (Darwin Rural Area)
• Marrara Christian College (Darwin)
• Nhulunbuy Christian School (Gove)
• Palmerston Christian School (Palmerston)

Palmerston Christian School

50 Waler Road
Palmerston, NT 0830
Phone: 08 7922 5600



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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Early Learning: Yes
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • International Students: Yes
  • Scholarships: Yes


Palmerston Christian School is situated on three hectares of both natural and landscaped gardens in the suburb of Marlow Lagoon.  A rural setting only five minutes drive from the heart of Palmerston.


Are you looking for:

  • Christian foundations and values 
  • A caring family atmosphere
  • Parent involvement
  • A creative and challenging learning environment
  • High academic and personal standards
  • Community involvement


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